CL-ANK, also known as Clanker was a B2 Super Battle Droid forged on Geonosis. Following the Battle Of Geonosis, it's remains were found by Anakin Skywalker. Skywalker rebuilt him, but was stolen by Vyrr Farlance and re-programmed to help him. It was a member of the Alliance To Restore The Jedi Order, and was one of their main muscle. He was destroyed by his formal master, Vyrr when his programming was overided by Seperate 247.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Clanker was designed in a Geonosian Factory, meant to battle the Republic. It was programmed to kill any Jedi, and obey The Sith and other Seperatist leaders. It fought later in the Battle Of Geonosis.

Joining The Jedi Edit

Clanker was killed by a Clone Trooper, but wouldn't be gone for long. Young Anakin Skywalker found his pieces and took them home, intending to study them in order to find the best way to study these droids. However, Clanker was stolen by Vyrr Farlance, who reprogrammed it to be his personal slave/bodyguard. Mace Windu, Vyrr's master disapproved of Clanker, but decided Clanker would help keep Vyrr safe.

Saving Vyrr Edit

During the Great Jedi Purge, Vyrr was chased by a group of Stormtroopers. However, they were all shot down by Clanker. Clanker saved Vyrr, and the two flew away on a ship to escape, with Clanker knowing all of the controls.

The Revolution Alliance Edit

When Vyrr founded the Revolution Alliance, Clanker was one of their many warriors. Clanker fought in all of the Battles of the alliance, and was the most ruthless. Clanker ended up killing many stormptroopers and even once killed an Inquisitor, Seveth Roza. Clanker was a Revolution Hero.

Seperate 247 Edit

Clanker became a general in the New Republic following it's rise after the destruction of Death Star 2. However, its programming was overidden by Seperate 247's leader Giss Felsi. CL-ANK attempted to kill Jacen Solo, leading to Vyrr learning that Clanker's programming was overidden. Vyrr fought with Clanker, and tried to reason with it. However, Clanker shot at Vyrr and fatally wounded him, causing Vyrr to be forced to kill him. A Jedi Counciler healed Vyrr, but Clanker's materials were lost.

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