Kot Kahiti was a former Seperatist Officer who joined the Alliance To Restore The Jedi Order as Grand Admiral and was considered a galactic hero. During the New Republic Era, however he joined terrorist organization Seperate 247.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Kor was born in 40 BBY to a senator on Coruscant. He was heavily interested in war, and sympathized with the Seperatists, though also looked up to the Jedi.

Joining The Seperatists Edit

At only age 15, Kor joined the Seperatists as an officer. He helped the war effort and commonly gunned down clones when he had the chance. However, Kor refused to fight the Jedi and so, when Kit Fisto attacked the Seperatist base, Kor surrendered and became a prisoner.

Imperial Age Edit

When the Empire rose to power, Kor was freed by the Coruscant Rebel Cell, where he learned of The Alliance To Restore The Jedi Order. He always liked the Jedi, and decided he wanted to help them. He headed to Lothal, where he saved the Revolution Alliance and joined them as an officer.

Climbing The Ranks Edit

Kor often went into conflict with DR-2584, aka Dreng who was a former clone trooper. Due to the fact that they fought against each other, they hated each other. However, during the Battle Of Absanz, the two became friends. Kor killed Stormtrooper General (and former Clone) Commander Cody. After Cody's death, Kor became more respected. Kor became Grand Admiral following the Battle Of Baes Logia and Battle Of Agaris.

Battle Of Endor Edit

During the Battle Of Endor, Kor led the entire Revolution fleet to help destroy the Death Star. He helped the Rebels win the fight, and partied on Endor.

New Republic Edit

Kor became a New Republic General and was very famous, though some such as Mon Monthma distrusted him as he was a former Seperatist.

Seperate 247 Edit

Kor still firmly believed in The Seperatists, and so he betrayed the Republic and joined Seperate 247, a Seperatist Terrorist Organization. He was a general, but didn't do much. He was arrested following the destruction of Seperate 247

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