Mio Iforola was a Jedi Padawan apprentice to Vyrr FarLance, and was one of the first ever members of the Alliance To Restore The Jedi Order. He died in the Battle Of Absanz.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Mio was born on Lothal a year before the formation of the Empire. His parents commited suicide following the rise of the empire, and at only age 5 he was found and joined the Revolution Alliance. Nial Goxxor found him using the force to steal food, and he instantly became Vyrr's new apprentice.

Padawan Edit

As a Padawan, Mio learned how to use the force and constructed his own lightsaber. He helped put up posters to support the Revolution Alliance all over Lothal, and helped the Alliance find Kyber Crystals.

Battle Of Absanz Edit

Mio participated in the Battle Of Absanz and fought very bravely, even killing a stormtrooper. However, before Vyrr could save him, Jade Maecori stabbed his heart with a Lighrsaber and killed him.

Powers And Abilities Edit

Force Edit

Mio was very strong at the force at a young age, and was able to use telekinesis very well, lifting many objects and being able to sense his surroundings very well.

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