Nial Goxxor was a Jedi Master Mon Calamari Force-Sensitive Male. He fought in the Clone Wars, and was friends with Anakin Skywalker. He later joined The Alliance To Restore The Jedi Order following the Rise Of The Empire.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Nial was born on Dak and was quickly found by Th.e Jedi and was apprenticed to Oppo Rancisis. Nial became a Jedi Guardian, and began fighting in the Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars Edit

During the Clone Wars, Nial became a crucial fighter, and during a mission he met Anakin Skywalker. While he fought bravely in the wars, he still didn't make much of a difference.

The Great Jedi Purge Edit

During the Great Jedi Purge, Nial was able to survive and successfully escaped to Lothal. There, he met Vyrr FarLance, and the two aggreed they wanted to rebuild the Old Jedi Order. Along with Vyrr's droid CL-ANK, the two escaped into space.

Revolution Alliance Edit

Vyrr and Nial formed the Alliance To Restore The Jedi Order, a group longing to rebuild the old order. Nial found Mio Iforola, who later became Vyrr's apprentice. Nial and Vyrr were considered extremists and were most-wanted by the Empire, as Darth Vader especially wanted to see the Jedi dead. He wrote the Jedi Council Confirmation, fully establishing the Revolution.

Battle Of Absanz Edit

During the Battle Of Absanz, Nial began building one of the many small Jedi Temples. Nial was attacked by several Inquisitors and managed to fight them off, along with slaughtering many Stormtroopers.

On Absanz, Nial also found Devon Roan, and his friend Rarek Roslo, war refugees and young force-sensitive males. He was intending to apprentice Rarek, and aggreed for Devon to be Vyrr's new apprentice following Mio's death. After the battle was won, Nial became a hero.

More Battles Edit

Nial fought in the Battle Of Baes Logia and Battle Of Agaris.

The Dark Temple Edit

When The Revolutions learned of a new Dark Side Temple on Coruscant, Nial, Devon and Vyrr all headed down towards to the temple. Nial battled many Inquisitors, and made it to fight Jade Maecori. When Maecori detonated the temple, Nial died. He was considered a great hero and honored by The New Republic and New Jedi Order.

Personality And Traits Edit

  • Wise: Nial was considered to be an extremely wise Jedi, and a strong military strategist who helped The Revolutions win many of their battles
  • Passion: Nial was very passionate to rooting out the Dark Side, and generally disliked it. Due to this, he disapproved of Vyrr and Mace Windu's use of the Dark Side.
  • Snobbiness Nial was quite snobby, and believed that the Jedi were far superior.

Powers And Abilities Edit

Lightsaber Skills Edit

Nial was very adept with a lightsaber, and was a Jedi Guardian.

Force Abilities Edit

Nial was quite strong in The Force, though not much is known of it.

Behind The Scenes Edit

Nial was created with the desire of a Mon Calamari Jedi similar to Gial Ackbar.

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